This year, more than any other year I can recall, I am really eager for spring to arrive.  It’s been a very long and snowy winter here in the Mid-Atlantic.  There are still some dirty snow piles left from the back-to- back blizzards we had the beginning of February.  So when I saw the first crocuses on my walk the other morning, I felt a seemingly disproportionate amount of joy – I can’t ever remember being this happy to see a little yellow flower emerge from the ground!

Spring is a time of new beginnings, of renewal.  Nature renews itself, at first slowly, like those first spring flowers peeking out from underneath the dull winter grass, and eventually bursting into full bloom as the days become longer and warmer.  Spring can also be a time for mental and spiritual renewal, and for this, we can take our clues from nature.  It’s time to emerge from the darkness of winter, time to open windows and doors to let the spring breezes in, both physically and in a larger sense.  

For many people, this is also traditionally a time for spring cleaning – there is something very satisfying about airing out rooms that were closed up for most of the winter months, clearing cobwebs out of forgotten corners, and getting the dust bunnies out from under the bed.  Clearing the clutter and getting organized for the new season on a physical level can also help clear your mental and psychic energy.  Cluttered environments drain our energy.  Just think about the last time you organized your desk or cleaned out a closet – remember how you not only felt a sense of accomplishment, but how you also felt somehow lighter? 

So why not do some mental and spiritual cleaning this spring?  The following suggestions can help you with this:

  • Clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you.  A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, and you have the power to change your thoughts.  Replace old beliefs that hold you back with new ones that are in alignment with what you want for yourself and your life.
  • Let go of limiting self-talk.  Frequently, we’re not even aware that we’re putting ourselves down, since it’s often done jokingly, but just like old beliefs, these little jokes can be insiduous and get stuck in your energy field.  Start becoming aware when you put yourself down, or talk about why you can’t do something, and redirect your thoughts.
  • Get rid of a pattern of negative thinking.  Do you like to complain, or participate in conversations with others who are complaining about how bad things are?  Do you tend to focus on what’s going wrong rather than on what’s going well?  Thought patterns can be deeply ingrained, and it takes time to become aware of them.  Focusing on what’s not working keeps you stuck in negative energy.  Once you realize that this is your pattern, you can begin to turn your thoughts into a more positive direction.

Just like nature, spring is your opportunity to grow and blossom into a life filled with light, color and joy.  Mental spring cleaning is a great way to start this process.

Amber says she doesn’t understand why humans hang on to all of this mental clutter.  She thinks that humans could learn a lot from cats – they live in the moment and don’t waste time thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

15 Comments on Mental Spring Cleaning

  1. I’m with Amber. Cats has NO clutter in their minds or their environment, although I did know one kitty who would hoard mouse toys behind the sofa 😉

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, Rena.

    Marge, I, too, like The Secret and what it teaches us about harnessing the power of our thoughts.

    Laura, I love the image of the leafblower clearing mental clutter! And Amber definitely knows that she is the wise one 🙂

  3. Sometimes I feel like I need to take a leaf blower and just push all that mental clutter out of my head! This is a great post, and I’m printing it out and hanging it up by my computer so I remember to do these things! (Amber is a smart girl, by the way!)

  4. That is such a good post. It is so important to try to remain positive in the events of your life. I thank heavens every day for all my blessings. I love the book, ‘The Secret’ which is a good lesson in being positive. It makes your whole outlook on life so much better. And boy we are all looking forward to Spring too.
    Have a great day.

  5. I am really feeling it. I am really ready for spring. Thanks so much for the inspirational article. I really enjoyed reading it!

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