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The Conscious Cat is starting 2010 with a giveaway!  And to start the new year off on a healthy note for your cat, I’m giving away one copy of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D. and Jean Hofve, D.V.M.  This comprehensive guide to holistic cat care covers topics such as natural nutrition, preventive medicine, natural remedies, hands on healing, and more.  The book is beautifully illustrated.  Click here to read my review of this book

To enter, please leave a comment letting me know why you’d like to win this book.  One comment per person, please.  For an additional chance to win,  you can blog, tweet or share on Facebook about this giveaway and leave the link in a comment.  The deadline for entering the giveaway is Sunday, January 10.  Good luck!

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  1. I just spent $750 on well pet care for four of my eight cats this morning. I can’t help but wonder whether this money couldn’t be put to better use on natural preventative care, leaving the big bucks for the type of thing conventional vet care is best at (i.e. emergencies).

  2. I would be so greatful to win this book. I have been learning what I can abt holistic. I started getting into Holistic when one of my cats ended up with VAS/ISS, tHolistic, gave me more time w/my cat when I first got into it, then few other cat w/cancer, diabets, and CHF. Seem these cats have been sent to my home, knowing they will get the care they need. I’m down to 2 indoor cats. The less I use western meds the longer they live, w/less trips to the vet. These two I have had as kittens. now 12 and 15 1/2. I still will use some western med, but feel, can make u worse then better. Thank you for coming out w/a book that can help us give better care to our beloved felines kids

  3. I have 3 cats of my own & 3 foster kittens & all are being raised as naturally & holistically as possible for long healthy lives! I would love anymore information to help me do the best I can. And eventually have our rescue facility (somewhere down the road) operating holistically.

  4. Yes please, I have a special needs kitty that I adopted 4 years ago that my live revolves around. I would love to learn alternative ways of helping him–he’s my baby. Happy New Year and thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I am the happy mother of nine fur babies, all of which are cats and 5 of which are 12 years old or older. I would love to win this book to see if there are any things I could be doing to make their lives more enjoyable, especially the senior kitties.

  6. I would love to win this book because I am a huge cat lover with cats of my own and feel that holistic treatment of humans is awesome so why not for cats!

  7. Hmmm, I must put in dibs on this one too. While I don’t chat with clients about their pets (yet), my clientle would be VERY interested in being able to provide this kind of care for their 4 legged family members.

    I’m working on moving our 3 to a more raw, organic diet too. Esp the indoor one….she needs more care than the two who like to eat the mice. 😀


  8. The 2 formerly feral cats I’ve cared for and lived with for the past 10 years would probably like us to have this book. I make raw, organic food for them and practice preventative medicine where possible. I’m an animal rescuer and volunteer at shelters and rescue organizations, an active social media practitioner, and love to spread the word.

  9. Hi, I need this book to care for our 5 rescued and very much loved cats. I need all the advice I can get because I have become unemployed in the last year and my resources are few. Rosie is my special granny cat, Smokey is our ‘special needs cat,’ Geek is our rambunctious boy, Jackie came to us because she was burned in a campfire, and then there is beautiful longhaired Alice, who was about to be euthanized and needs lots of love and understanding.
    I would love to learn about holistic care for these wonderful cats that are such an important part of our family.
    Thank you so much, Becky McMahon

  10. This book looks great! If I hadn’t just paid $2000 in vet bills, I’d buy it myself and not even try to win it! My pal Henry has an e-tube in right now because he stopped eating about a month ago — we’re still not sure why. We’re slowly nursing his liver back to health — I emphasize sloooowly. My vet is GREAT, but not a holistic vet. It’d be nice to reference what I can do on my own to follow a more holistic approach in the next few months while Henry gets stronger again. Once all the cats in the house are well (I have two), having a reference guide around for the future would be really helpful. Thanks for this contest!

  11. I have two older cats who aren’t in the best health and I strive to keep their treatments as holistic as possible. I would love to have a copy of this book. I currently keep Dr. Pitcairn’s book handy but it’s index is useless so that has been frustrating at times. Hopefully this book won’t have that problem. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  12. I’ve owned cats for years now and I am amazed that there is always something new to learn about their health and behavior. While I am striving for a better lifestyle with my choices for better nutrition and environmentally safer products, why should my cats be any different? I want them to stay around having the best life I can give. Thanks.

  13. I love anything holistic for my cats. I use holistic meds myself, including accupuncture. This would be a great addition for my library.

  14. My fiance and I strive for holistic care for ourselves and we have wanted to do the same for our two “boys” (Caesar and Cicero). I believe this book would be a great reference for us, and also very educational as well. The more natural solutions the better. I do want them to live for a very long time.

  15. I’m a huge lover of kitties (have 2) and am very interested in holistic approaches to nutrition for cats. I feel like there is such crap cat food on the market, I’d like to be better educated on what I can do to improve their nutrition.

  16. I’m desperate to find a natural solution to Finnegan’s behavior problem—he simply doesn’t know how to get along with my other cats. If I don’t get this sorted out soon, it’s time for Ritalin (maybe for all of us).

  17. I had a pal for 18 years. His name was Troubles. He lived up to his name. The last 8 years he was blind in one eye due to being Troubles. I tried to give him the best food and medical treatment, but kidney failure finally got to him. I am now the slave of 2 more friends. I wish to do all in my power to see that they live a long, healthy life.

  18. Oh, I’d love to read this book. With three cats and a foster cat at home, I am always running into some kind of health issue. And I’d love to learn more natural solutions.

    I believe that cats, just as us humans, can benefit from a holistic approach that treats the source of a problem instead of gulping down the prescription pills every time an issue arises.

  19. I’m mostly interested in natural nutrition and remedies for common ailments. I take my cats to the vet regularly but I would like to learn in-between procedures to keep them healthy. Thanks for this giveaway!

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  21. There’s nothing better than a happy, healthy cat and this sounds like an excellent book. Would love to have it in my library!

  22. I have two kitties one with ashtma-so more knowledge on how to give them a healthy life is appreciated.

    thank you.

  23. I have a tuxedo cat that is 11 and I would like to understand caring for the aging cat. I love this cat and want him to live as long as possible!!

  24. I would love to win this book. As a mom to a menagerie of cats, I’m always looking for more holistic way for them. I’m also posting this to my Facebook page.

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