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We all have different ways of connecting with our spiritual core.  For some of us, it may be through structured religious observations, often shared in the community of a church or other spiritual gathering.  For others, this connection may happen during meditation.  Others still may connect with Source in nature.  Watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise, walking in a deep green forest, or hiking in a striking desert landscape – all of these can help open a portal for a connection to Spirit.

What do I mean by connecting with our spiritual core?  I believe that all humans have an innate need to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  Whether we call it God, Source, Spirit, or soul, we all long for that connection.  We know it when we have it.  Sometimes, it may just be for a brief, almost fleeting moment.  Other times, we may be able to bask in it for an extended period of time.  Regardless of how it comes about and how long it lasts, the feeling that comes with it is one of utter peace, joy, and love.  It’s that feeling we get when we’re completely absorbed in doing something we love.  We loose track of all sense of time.  We are living in this present moment, to the exclusion of everything else.  Anything is possible, and magic can and will happen.

For me, animals have always been an easy way to help me connect with Source.  Animals are so much closer to nature then we are, and as such, are much more closely connected with Spirit than most humans.  Simply observing an animal can instantly transport me into a state of alignment.  Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping cat?  More joyful than a dog playing with his toys?  Animals teach us to slow down.  It’s during those quiet times when it’s usually easier to connect with our spiritual core.  Animals facilitate finding those times for us.  They force us to take a break from our busy schedules.  Taking a dog for a walk, playing with a cat, these are times when we are forced to step back from our endless to do lists and for a little while, we can allow ourselves to just enjoy the moment.  And it’s during those moments that we are reminded of who we really are.

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  1. The reason I came accross this site is I was searching for healing powers of cats.
    A few weeks ago I had a pain develope out of nowhere in right shoulder, Ignoring it and hoping it would go away. Unfortunatly it got worse and I was forced to visit my local G.P, Who diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder and gave me an injection. After that it seems to have got worse.
    Over the last two nightsour cat, Sukie has come into the bedroon on an evening and has decided to lay on my infected area, as few minutes after the pain seems to cease. Does she know that I am in pain. I find it very interesting and shall be reading more into this subject..

    Thanks for your time

    William Tams

  2. Oh, thank YOU Ingrid! I have always cared for and loved animals since a child. All my spiritual core, with some more to the *Source, “*special.” As a 6 yr. old finding injured birds and putting them in a cigar box lined with my mother’s sewing silk. I was so overjoyed with the kitties my mother gave me. (Only one at a time:) And then there was my 1st and only dog, Daisy, a small Spaniel. I was age 15. As an only child, Daisy became my sibling, as the cats were. However, Daisy was more “*special.” A deep LOVE. My *Source? Then there came the day, I was age 17. I came home from Nursing School and immediately My Daisy joyfully jumped into the car as my Dad called. She loved to ride. However, this time I was informed, Daisy was going to the gas box. I was in shock and had no say. I deeply mourned her *for years. After that I would not have more animals due to the despair. Then my young adult daughter found a stray, Kitty. And it so happened I fell in love, again. There was something so “*special” about her, like Daisy. Source!? Kitty became mine for 23 yrs. (You have heard the story before:) She passed last summer. The grief is still intolerable for My Kitty. We had been through so much together and she truly had 9 Lives>For after Kitty went over the Bridge, I did not want anymore animals, just like with Daisy. The despair. But this time I knew how selfish that is. So many animals needing humans…and I so found I needed kitties. So I adopted My Mandy 6 mo. after My Kitty passed. She is so different from My Kitty. Mandy is lovable, always purring around me, but does not like to be picked up. Not a fuzzy-wuzzy kitty. And that is ok. For I am taught acceptance, patience. Letting-Go. And at a time I needed this in my personal life. And Mandy needed me. Blessings. Joy. LOVE. Thank you. (In future, I will try short, but your post so affected me. ) Thank you.

    • Bless you for opening your heart again after two such devastating losses, Ronnie. I’m sure Daisy and Kitty are smiling as they watch you with Mandy now.

  3. I somehow missed this one the first time around, Ingrid — thanks for mentioning it in your “7 Links” blogs. It is heart-felt, it is true, and it is most definitely a keeper!

  4. I’m glad the article resonated with you, Tammy.

    Wendy, it sounds like Anya knows when you need a break better than you do :-)! Amber reminds me to take breaks, too – although her reminders usually involved an empty food dish 🙂 Either way, I can’t say no to her, either.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post, Ingrid. I feel that too, that animals are closely connected with Spirit. I often call my cats and dog my angels, and I truly believe they are in a way. Anya often climbs up on my chest in the evenings while I’m catching up on my e-mail or another task on the computer, forcing me to stop whatever it is I am doing so I can hold her up (she’s a bit big). It doesn’t matter what I am in the middle of, I just can’t set her aside. I sit back and enjoy her company. You are so right about our animals forcing us to slow down and savor the moment.

  6. Lovely article Ingrid. For me, it is the ocean that connects me. I find peace in the waves even if they are crashing!

    My cats do help me keep sane and find fun in my days though too!

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