Photo Montage byLayla Morgan Wilde

I know it’s Saturday, and we don’t usually blog on weekends, but I told Mom that this called for a special update.  I was named “Cat of the Week”  on The Boomer Muse’s Cat Saturday Feature!  I think that’s so totally cool – I’ve been feeling just a little bit under-appreciated lately now that my mom’s book about my sister Buckley is getting all the attention.  I don’t begrudge Buckley the attention, and I love that my Mom has been so happy and excited since the book came out last week, but it does a feline good to know that she, too, gets her time in the spotlight.  Layla Morgan Wilde put together a beautiful photo montage of me – aren’t I gorgeous?  Mom says it’s not okay to brag, but I think that only goes for humans.  We cats aren’t shy when it comes to singing our own praises.

Anyway, go visit The Boomer Muse for the full story, and add it to the list of blogs you visit regularly, especially on Cat Saturday!

And I think that guy Domino is a really handsome boy…

9 Comments on Amber’s Mewsings: Cat of The Week

  1. If you got it flaunt it, and Amber has it in spades. Btw, Domino sends purrs of a special nature 😉 to Amber.

  2. Amber is taking all the accolades in stride. Wendy, I’m glad you understand that sometimes a cat’s just gotta to what a cat’s gotta do and sing her own praises.

    And Lulu, you obviously understand that being a blogging kitty can be challenging – sometimes, subtlety just doesn’t cut it.

    Cindy, clearly Mandy is being raised in the way all cats should be raised – after all, they exist to be worshipped by us, their adoring humans.

  3. When my Mandy girl posts on HER favorite blog, she is usually full of HERSELF, and tells and touts about HER beauty, so yes Amberhoney, it’s okay to mrrrow about your own gorgeousity! Mandy’s rationale is, that that’s what mommie (me) tells her all the time – how beautiful she is, and how God made her into a beautiful and beautifully spotted kittie, so that’s all she knows – this positive reinforcement and HER vocabulary words on which she is being ‘raised’! [giggle] It’s all she knows, and we can’t fault her for that, now can we?! I suspect, too, that’s how it is at your house, too! =^..^=

  4. Dear Amber,
    Congratulations on being chosen as Cat of the Week! You aren’t bragging, you are merely providing a public service announcement about someone else’s blog! 😉
    Hugs, Lulu

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