I spent Friday and Saturday afternoon with groups of amazing women – some of them longtime, old friends, others more recent, new friends.  Friday afternoon was a more business-oriented gathering, a discussion on how we can all best use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reflect not only our various businesses, but also our authentic selves.  Saturday afternoon was a beading workshop – we made beautiful bracelets infused with unique intentions we each set for our works of art.  I came away from both events feeling nourished, renewed, and loved in many different ways.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the role friendship plays in our lives after being surrounded by the energy of friendship at such an intense level for two consecutive afternoons.  I’m fortunate to have an amazing circle of friends, both old and new.  There are the soulmate friends that have been with me through life’s ups and downs for a long time.  They are at the core of my circle, they are the ones who joyfully celebrate every success and every possibility with me, and they’re also the ones who are there to listen and offer support when things get rough.   There are the friends who enjoy some of the same activities I do, such as going out to eat, going to rock concerts and club shows, or going shopping.   There are the friends who share a particular interest of mine, and we can spend endless hours discussing books, or philosophies, or spiritual teachings.

More and more, I find that the lines between these different categories of friends are blurring.  As I become more and more secure in who I am, I no longer feel a need to compartmentalize my life.  I am who I am in all areas of my life, and I don’t need to hold back from certain friends or only share specific things with others.  It makes for a richer, fuller life.  It also attracts more people who embrace the same approach to life and friendship.

The internet, and in particular, social media, has added another dimension to friendships.  I’ve “met” and continue to meet a lot of wonderful people on Facebook and Twitter, and I’m thoroughly enjoying these connections.  Are they friends in the traditional sense of the word?  Probably not.  But yet, I feel that if these online friends were to reside in the same geographical area as I do, some of these friendships probably would turn into the real thing.   As it is, they add yet another dimension to this wonderful thing called friendship.

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  1. What a beautiful and very perceptive view of friendships and how they contain many dimensions that evolve throughout one’s life. Thank you for sharing your experiences, so that your readers may love and grow with each of your writings.

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