probable_claws_145I love reading murder mysteries that feature cats, and this series is one of my favorites.  “Probable Claws” is the fourth in the series, the other three are “Mew is for Murder“, “Cattery Row” and “Cries and Whiskers“.  All feature cat and rock and roll loving freelance writer Theda Krakow and her black and white tuxedo cat Musetta.

In “Probable Claws”, Theda finds herself the prime suspect for the murder of a shelter veterinarian, with Musetta as the only witness to what really happened.  Theda is released on bail thanks to the connections of her former cop boyfriend Bill.  Now she has to find the real killer before she and Musetta become the next victims.

The plot is exceptionally well-crafted, the characters are multi-dimensional and likeable, and you find yourself wanting to savor the story while at the same time wanting to race to the finish to find out who did it. 

You might want to consider reading the entire series from start to finish.  One of the things I enjoyed about all four books, almost more than the actual plot lines, was the character development.  By the time you’re into the second book, you feel like you’re reconnecting with old friends.  I sure hope that “Probable Claws” won’t be the last in this series.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Clea! I’m looking forward to “Shades of Grey.”

    For my readers who are not familiar with Clea’s work, “Shades of Grey” is the first in the brand-new Dulcie Schwartz feline-filled mystery series. From the author’s website: “A grad student at Harvard, Dulcie lives for research. Her discipline — the Gothic English novel of the late 18th Century — may seem minor to some. But for Dulcie, it’s reason to dive into the library, into the ordered, reasoned world of books. At least, until her roommate is murdered, her mother starts calling with some strange psychic dreams. And the ghost of her late, great cat Mr. Grey appears to help her through it all … or over the edge.”

    Shades of Grey will be published in September.

    For more information about Clea’s books, go to

  2. ooh thank you! I don’t have plans for a fifth yet, but I’d love to do one – and will let you know. In the meantime, I hope you might consider my first Dulcie Schwartz mystery, “Shades of Grey.”

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