Is there a formula for happiness?  Is there one sure-fire way to achieve everything we want in life?  Well, actually, there just might be.  And it’s as simple, or as complicated, as getting happy.  Simple, because we all have the power to do it.  Complicated, because our conditioning tells us it’s not that easy.

Everything around us is energy, including our thoughts.  Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like.  If we focus our thoughts on things that make us happy, we attract more of the same.   But how do we do this in a world that seems to be so full of unhappy things?

We do it by making a conscious decision that we want to be happy.  We have the power to choose our thoughts – so why not choose thoughs that make us feel good?  We can make these conscious choices in every single moment – by choosing to focus on what is working in our lives rather than complaining about what isn’t, by choosing books and television programs that make us feel good rather than depressed or upset, by choosing to be with people who uplift us rather than drag us down into negativity.

Choosing your thoughts, and choosing what to focus on is key in this process.  We often think of choice as something that has to involve a “yes” or “no” decision.  When you begin to think of choice as saying “yes” to what you want, rather than “no” to what you don’t want, you will find your energy shifting. 

Once we focus predominantly on that which makes us feel good, we’ll find that the world around us changes.  Life flows more easily.   We attract people and situations into our reality that are pleasant rather than frustrating.   Our lives work.  We get happy.

Today, make a conscious choice:  no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, I’m going to look for things that make me feel good. 

And if you need a little help with feeling good, look to your animal companions.  They’re masters at making themselves feel good.  Have you ever watched a cat follow the sunny spots in the house, or a dog roll around on his back in the freshly mown grass just because it feels sooooo good?

Get happy today!

5 Comments on Make a Conscious Decision to Get Happy

  1. Thanks for your comment, Laurel. Love the term bounce-back-ability!

    I do think there’s value in acknowledging and feeling “bad” emotions, but only if the person is able to release the negative emotion without wallowing in it. I believe that there is a tipping point where someone can get stuck in the negativity, which will only result in bringing more of the same into their life.

  2. I so agree with you, Ingrid! We always have the power to choose even when it may seem like we don’t. The one caution I always give myself, though, is to acknowledge and actually feel my other emotions, allowing them to “tell” me what I need to know and THEN make the choice to move on toward feeling happy again.

    I think the danger with the recent attention to happiness is that some people are forcing themselves into a false sense of optimism, ignoring the genuine pain or sadness they may feel about a situation. I think true happiness comes from knowing and feeling a wide range of emotions but being able to quickly recover and get back to a happy center. It’s resilience…bounce-back-ability!

    Loved the photo of the happy cat! Great post!

  3. Tammy, sounds like Oscar has figured the whole happiness thing out for sure!

    Anlina, thanks for your comment. It’s so encouraging to me that more and more people are embracing this concept of choice when it comes to how we feel.

  4. Well said. Every day we make a choice to let negativity or positivity into our lives – well we can make it a conscious choice and choose to integrate the positive.

    We may not always be able to control external factors, but we have far more control over our inner lives than I think most people realize. If we are miserable we have to take responsibility for that emotion – no one can force it on you. Just so, we can choose to be happy.

  5. Wow! Wonderful post! It’s so good to have a reminder of this. Our cats really make me happy, and they do remind me to enjoy the little things in life. When I see my grey Oscar curled up in the recliner with all four paws in the air, I have to be happy and laugh! 🙂

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