Another rainy Sunday here.  Amber has given up on searching for the sunny spot and is taking her morning nap.  I think I’ll settle in for a lazy day of catching up on my reading.  If you’re looking for something good to read, I’ve added some new suggestions to the Reading List on my website.

I always have at least two or three books going at the same time.  Today, I’ll finish a re-read of “The Feline Mystique” by Clea Simon.  I might also dip into “Conscious Entrepreneurs“, a collection of inspiring stories about the spiritual journey of entrepreneurship.  I especially like to re-read Chapter 22, which was written by one of my mentors.  I’m also indulging in a guilty pleasure, Nora Roberts’ “Tribute” – this is Roberts at her best, a combination of love story, suspense, and likeable characters.  And I’ll be catching up on my magazine reading – unread issues of Cat Fancy, Ali Magazine and Brigitte are stacking up!

What will you be reading on this rainy Sunday?  Share your favorites!

Amber, on a rainy Sunday
Amber, on a rainy Sunday

3 Comments on Rainy Sunday Reading

  1. ps-i admit-i am behind on new writings-read mostly the allegra ones! 🙂 and more.
    so if you even mentioned something about what i asked..i just missed it.
    i read your work almost every day–just a hectic few months.
    again-i hope with all my heart i didn’t ..i just know your love for amber..and..i can see a beautiful book..or mewsings or?
    actually i will read a little more here-then read buckleys story..whom i know you loved so much amber and allegra. and me-with des and elsa and elizabeth. …elsa passed away not much longer than 11/2 yrs ago…but the pain still comes …she came to me..and ..i never had any friend (cat) want me to love them so much. i did love her i do love her. i guess…-oh..i just hope you won’t be upset..i hope this. i guess i was connecting in a way. different..but not. feeling sad-but happy as anything with elizabeth. they all have their ways (had/.have-they are always here) but to break this sadness-i think it means: time to read your book.

  2. i know-an OLD post. been reading from the beginning.
    i am finally going to read buckleys story. i ordered and received it ages ago..but ..i am scared of all the emotions it will bring up. but today..i will.
    elizabeth is with me..and ..i am just about to start.

    is it too soon to ask if you will write something for amber? or maybe compile her musings (i saw they didn’t go all the way back)
    please please ingrid -i hope you won’t think of me as uncaring or insenitive..i am not. i have been thinking myself of writing shorter books for both des and elsa. elizabeth will protect me from the hurt.
    anyway..just reading on a sunny day (in sick)
    andrea meyers

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