It’s flea and tick season in much of the country, and pet owners are beginning to use products such as Frontline or Advantage to combat these pests on their pets.  While these products are effective, please be aware that they are also loaded with chemicals.

Last week, the EPA issued a cautionary statement about these products and their safety, and began investigating the recent increase in reports of adverse reactions. 

For a more indepth look of what this means, Dr. Patty Khuly, a small animal veterinarian in Miami, FL and founder of the veterinary blog Dolittler, posted an excellent article on her blog.

I’ve been researching natural alternatives to chemical flea and tick products for the past few weeks.  I’m trying to find products to recommend to you that are both effective and safe.  Not everything that’s natural is safe for your pets, and until I’m sure that the products I’m looking at meet both requirements, I won’t recommend them to you.   I’ll share what I find with you as soon as I can.

4 Comments on EPA increases scrutiny of flea and tick products for pets

  1. It’s all compounded too, by the over-the-counter products pet owners ‘self-prescribe’ for their animals not understanding the risks-especially to cats. Added to that, we have the counterfeit products that people unknowingly purchase through discount internet sites and retailers. It’s hard to rationalize that some chemicals designed to kill one life form can be safe for other species or the environment. Really, how safe can it be to use a spot on or other systemic product designed to linger and kill for weeks after it is applied?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Wendy! Amber is an indoor cat, so thankfully, I don’t have to use anything on her. For dogs or cats that do go outside, it’s a tough choice and really comes down to weighing risks and benefits of the health problems fleas and ticks can cause vs. potential adverse reactions to Frontline.

    I’ll definitely keep you posted if I find anything natural that’s effective and safe.

  3. I am anxiously awaiting your findings, Ingrid. The ticks are starting to make a strong showing here. I admit that I use Frontline to combat them, but I would love to find something natural that is just as effective, but safer.

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