Meditation is usually viewed as a spiritual practice, but research shows that there are innumerable health benefits as well.  Most physical illness is caused by stress, and meditation provides stress relief by calming down the mind and body.  A regular meditation practice is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.

I often hear people say “I can’t meditate.  I can’t shut down my thoughts.” 

You don’t have to.   Simply making the commitment to sit quietly for fifteen, ten, even five minutes a day can have beneficial effects.  Don’t judge yourself – if you find that you can’t quiet your mind, try and simply acknowledge your thoughts, and then gently let them go.

Your pets can help you meditate.  If you can’t clear your mind, try focusing on the purring cat in your lap or the sleeping dog by your side.  Focus on the love you share with your pet.  While this may not be what some purists consider meditation, I can guarantee you that it will change your state of mind to one of peace and relaxation.

contemplating-007Amber is meditating.

4 Comments on Meditate with your pet

  1. Renee, I love the term “fuzz therapy”!

    Sooty, thanks, I appreciate it.

    Shoshanna, cats do seem to seem to be drawn to us even more than usual when we’re in a relaxed state, don’t they? And the purring is just an added bonus.

  2. Ingrid, thanks, great suggestions! Sometimes, if your intention is too serious or structured, like,” I’ve got these 15 minutes to meditate, then I gotta go pay the phone bill; this better work…” it ain’t gonna happen. I like to relax, clear my head and let whatever the universe draws to me flow. Results/benefits are not always apparent, of course, but may manifest later. In my experience, what often manifests is someone shoving a damp, pink nose into my ear, whiskers and all, and starting to purr….

  3. I agree with you. It is so soothing to just simply sit when the kitties have settled and clear one’s head a bit. I try to start with a few deep, deep breaths and then let the calm take over. These are some of the BEST times. I love ‘fuzz therapy’.

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