There is an unseen energy that exists in and around every living thing.  Some people call it God.  It has nothing to do with a particular religion.  Maybe you’re more comfortable with calling it Spirit, Universal Flow, All That Is.  My preferred term is Source.

We are always connected to Source, but sometimes, we forget.  It’s like our conscious awareness of this connection has temporarily slipped away.  How do you know when you’re consciously connected and when you’re not?  Your emotions are your guide.  When you feel fear, doubt, worry, lack, scarcity, or even hate, you’re disconnected.  When you feel love, joy and  happiness, you’re connected.   The ebb and flow of that feeling of connection is part of our journey and evolution.  So how do you maintain this connection consciously and at increasingly deeper levels?

You find this connection by finding things that make you happy.  Some things that help me feel and maintain my connection are:

  • Looking deep into the eyes of my cat.
  • Going for a walk outside.
  • Spending time with a good friend.
  • Listening to a piece of wonderful music.
  • Reflecting on the blessings in my life.
  • Watching a beautiful sunset.
  • Curling up with my cat and a good book.
  • Watching my cat sleep.

Identify your moments of connection, and consciously guide yourself back into connection when you feel it slipping away.   Sometimes, even the memory of one of your “connection moments” can bring you back into alignment.

Animals are masters at maintaining their connection with Source.  They live in the moment – one of the best and easiest ways to stay connected.   As you can see from my own connection moments list, Amber plays a big part in helping me experience my connection with Source.  Let your pets help you find your connection.  It’s impossible to feel disconnected when you pet, play with or simply watch your pets.

Do you feel connected?

Amber feels connected

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