George Clooney returned to ER

I’ve been a fan of ER since the very beginning and have not missed a single episode in its 15-year-run.  Over the past few seasons, it’s been getting harder for me to hang in with it.  While the show has always been filled with drama, disaster and negativity, some of the more recent storylines have taken this trend to new heights and they almost lost me when they started dropping helicopters on top of favorite characters.   Even though I generally stay away from tv shows and movies that contain violence, tragedy and disaster, I’ve always loved medical shows, and I guess that’s why I’m hanging in with this one through its final season.

I was pleasantly surprised with this week’s episode.  Yes, of course it was great that George Clooney returned to the show – who doesn’t like to watch George Clooney.  But what was really different was that this was a mostly happy episode!   Most of the storylines were happy – there were reunions with old friends, and lives were saved instead of lost.  And in the final scene, George Clooney and Juliana Margulies were clearly happy together.   Apparently, even dramas can have happy endings.

Be discerning about what you watch on tv.   If you continually watch shows that depict violence, tragedy and drama, you may find that these lower vibrations are reflected in your real life.  If it doesn’t feel good to watch something, don’t watch it just to pass time.  Find another channel, or turn the tv off and do something else.  You’ll feel better and lighter.

A word about pets and television:  some people leave the tv on to keep their pets company while they’re gone during the day.  Animal Planet in particular is a favorite channel for this.  I have nothing against Animal Planet, it’s a great cable channel.  But while it may be fun to watch for you, you might not want your cat or dog to be exposed to images of animals being hurt and taken to the ER if they happen to watch during one of those programs.  In addition, the constant parade of other animals across the screen might be upsetting rather than calming to your pets.  A better way to keep your pets entertained and calm is to play soft music while you’re gone.

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