The single most effective step you can take towards better mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is to stop watching the news.    You are discerning about what you put into your body – why not use that same judgment about what you allow to enter into your mind?  All the bad news and stories of gloom and doom are not an accurate reflection of what goes on in the world.  Despite the distorted view we’re being offered by the media, there are far more good things happening in the world every day than bad things.    Why do you allow yourself to be bombarded with a constant barrage of negativity when you have the choice to push the off button?   Negative emotions such as stress, worry, fear and depression are vibrations that affect what you attract into your life.  If all you’re seeing and hearing is negative, don’t be surprised if that’s what you see reflected in your daily life, and in the status of your health.

Try it for one day.  Don’t watch any news, don’t read a paper, don’t listen to  news radio, don’t scour the internet for news stories.  You will be surprised how much better and lighter you will feel.

Your pets will thank you, too.  Animals are sensitive to the vibrations around them and pick up on your stress and negativity.  For more infomation on how your stress affects your pets, click here

pillowAmber doesn’t watch the news.

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