I just watched Friday night’s 20/20 special about Siegfried and Roy’s final performance, and it touched me deeply.  I have always been in awe of the connection Roy shared with animals all his life, and his words “don’t shoot the tiger” after he was so gravely injured five years ago to me were the ultimate testament to his love for these beautiful animals.

I was fortunate to meet Siegfried and Roy at a book signing in 1992.  They brought one of the big tigers and a litter of five tiger cubs to the bookstore with them.  I got to pet one of the cubs.   They were very gracious to every single person in the long line  waiting to get their books signed, and they signed my book “To Ingrid.  Love, Siegfried and Roy”.  What I remember most about that day, though, was the incongruent sight of this huge, magnificent white tiger in the middle of a bookstore.

In 1993, I got to see their show at the Mirage in Las Vegas from front row seats.  It was truly a magical experience. 

Siegfried and Roy have always been about magic, about mastering the impossible, about dreaming big and and making those big dreams come true.  This final performance was a triumph of their determination and the fierce belief that Roy would not only survive, but recover from his injuries.  They are living proof that thoughts fueled by belief create reality.

 We never stop seeing, perhaps this is why we dream. 

 siegfried-and-roy Siegfried and Roy

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