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If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve heard me talk about 1TDC™ and about how much I like this supplement. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but I am using it for this product. The company just changed their name to Works So Well, and if ever there was a brand name that describes a product, this is it!

What is 1TDC™?

1TDC™ (which stands for 1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level. This product goes beyond supplements containing glucosamine and fish oil. It works systemically as a catalyst to allow the body to improve joint and oral health.

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1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow. They are then formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA) food-grade facility in the USA. These fatty acids are different from the essential acids you find in products like fish oil.

1TDC™’s unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1TDC™ has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells, which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. 1TDC™ efficiently does the job without interfering with other elements of your cat’s health.


Study shows 1TDC™ reduces periodontal disease within six weeks

A study performed at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, showed that daily use of 1TDC™over a period of six weeks resulted in significant improvements in cats with periodontal disease. There were 13 cats in the study. 9 cats received a daily administration of 1TDC™, the other 4 cats received olive oil for six weeks. The cats who received 1TDC™ showed significant reductions in all parameters of clinical periodontal disease except tooth mobility at 6 weeks. The cats showed a statistically significant reduction in pocket depth, clinical attachment loss, gingival index and bleeding on probing, whereas the placebo group did not show any significant change.

To full study was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but I am using it for this product.

1TDC™ helped reduce Allegra’s gingivitis

This product has made a considerable difference for Allegra. At her last check up, our vet found that her gums looked better than last year and that there is less evidence of gingivitis.

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  1. This has been prescribed to my cat who has gingivitis so bad her whole month becomes inflamed and she won’t eat. She also gets steroids shot into her every month so she can eat, but no signs of it getting better. She’s historically very difficult to medicate and doesn’t like TDC. I can’t tell if it’s not working or I’m not getting enough in there in the right areas. 🙁 Is licking it off her paw or from the side of her mouth really enough to be effective? It’s terribly frustrating trying to do this every day for the past 4 months and she’s really starting to avoid me and even scratch and bite when it’s time to do it 🙁

    • Hi Christine.

      We are sorry to hear that she has this painful condition. Feline gingivitis is a complex disease process and different treatments and supplements have different levels of success in individual cats. It would be expected to see a response with supplements in around 12 weeks. It is not unusual for cats in this difficult situation to need referral to a specialist veterinary dentist. We would recommend discussing options with your veterinary surgeon as we cannot diagnose or recommend treatment. You can check this out for some more info:

  2. I adopted my boy Tyler six years ago at age 10. I started him on 1TDC about four years ago when I was told he had terrible plaque and gum disease. At his last cleaning the vet commented how good his mouth looked. He didn’t need any teeth removed and had no issues. I also believe it helps his joints. He does well at 16 1/2.

  3. I have been using this product for a month now for my cats. My vet recommended it due to my cats gums being slightly inflamed. I just ordered some more from here because the price was so much cheaper than I purchased from vet!

  4. How do you give it to Allegra? I am sure I will never be able to apply it to the gums directly. Can it be put on their food?

    • I either apply it to her gums, or just put it on my finger and she licks it right off. You could also put it on their food.

  5. Just tried the LABOR15 to buy 1 bottle of it, the code didn’t work. Says “Enter a valid discount code”. Has it expired? I clicked on the 1TDC Labor Day Sale box above. Does it only work on Sept. 7th?

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