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I previously introduced you to 1TDC™, a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level. This product goes beyond supplements containing glucosamine and fish oil. It works systemically as a catalyst to allow the body to improve joint and oral health. I chose this product as our 2018 Product of the Year. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but 1TDC™ deserves to be called a miracle supplement.

1TDC™ Benefits

  • Oral Health: Applied directly to the gums, 1TDC™ is a natural solution that keeps gums healthy, which maintains the structural integrity of the teeth
  • Joint Health: 1TDC™ keeps joints and muscles healthy at a cellular level, beyond traditional ingredients like glucosamine and fish oil.
  • Skin & Coat Health: As the largest organ, the skin also functions as an important part of the immune system. Healthy skin helps protect against external threats such as viruses and bacteria. 1TDC™ will keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.
  • Performance & Recovery: Because of the hip & joint support 1TDC™ provides, it supports your cat’s muscular power and stamina, which leads to better performance and faster recovery from illness or injurysupplement.

4 easy ways to administer

1TDC™ has been designed as a unique (and kind of cute!) heart-shaped twist off capsule. You simply hold the little heart tight and twist the big heart.After twisting the capsule open:

  • Squeeze capsule and let them lick it as it exits the capsule.
  • Apply on top of your cat’s food. A cat’s natural licking motion will distribute the product onto the gums sufficiently.
  • Gently squeeze the capsule contents into the mouth. Squeeze half on one side and then the remainder on the other side.
  • Squeeze capsule contents on your cat’s paw or nose and he/she will lick it off.

A portion will be absorbed into the gums and provide the periodontal benefit, and the rest will be swallowed and circulate throughout the body to provide the muscle and joint benefits. It’s important to understand that the only way your cat will get the periodontal benefits is if a portion of the product is absorbed through the gums.


How 1TDC™ helps Linda’s six cats stay healthy

Linda shares her home with six cats. She also cares for nine feral cats. All of her house cats take and benefit from 1TCD™. “I started using the product about four or five years ago,” said Linda. “My vet told me about it due to the condition of the kitties’ teeth.” Linda started using 1TDC™ immediately. She started with one capsule a day. Since Linda has so many cats, the cost added up, and she was relieved when her vet told her that giving it every other day would be sufficient.

“Within a month or so I could see the improvement,” said  Linda. “Not just with their teeth, but with their overall general health.” Linda’s youngest cat, who will be 11 in August, gets two capsules a day. “I take the top of the capsule off, squeeze it on my finger, and she licks it off,” said Linda. “She runs around until I get it on my finger!” The other cats get it on the morning with wet food.

“I find this product amazing,” says Linda. “My oldest cat will be 20 in June, and our vet said he acts like a young cat.”

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