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I see a lot of new products each year. Between what I saw at Global Pet Expo in March, and the dozens of products that were sent to me over the course of the year, it’s probably safe to say that I’ve seen thousands of pet products in 2015. Allegra and Ruby have been busy helping me review many of them for you throughout the year. With so many products, it’s really hard to choose only 10 favorites, but with the help of my two product testers, we’ve come up with this list (presented in the order that we reviewed them).

Pet Tree Houses

Pet Tree House collage

Pet Tree Houses are made in Florida, using real hand selected real trees and cedar, which is used for the platforms. These gorgeous trees mimic a realistic outdoor experience for cats. Trees range in size from the 36 inch Sprout to the 7 foot tall Mature Tree House. Each tree is hand crafted and takes up to 1,000 individual cuts to build it. Read our review of the Seedling Tree House here.

Vesper Cat Furniture


I first saw the new Vesper line of cat furniture from Hagen at Superzoo in Las Vegas in the summer of 2014. I fell in love with it on the spot. It’s quite possibly the most beautiful line of cat furniture I’ve seen, and I see a lot of cat furniture. The entire line offers the purrfect combination of beautiful design, cat-friendly materials and absolutely wonderful workmanship. All of the pieces are simply stunning. They feature different combinations of platforms, cubes, and tunnels, and plenty of scratching areas. Read our review here. Vesper is available from Amazon, Unleashed by Petco and other big and small retailers.

Organic Cat Toys from Purrfectplay


Cat toys don’t get much better than the ones from PurrfectPlay. Made in the USA from 100% natural and organic materials, these durable and safe toys are not only fun for pets, they’re made by a company that prides itself on earth-friendly business practices. Their motto is “if Mother Nature didn’t make it, we don’t use it!” Read our review here.

POD GPS Tracker


Pod is a small, light, real-time GPS tracker designed to attach to the pet’s collar. It will let you locate your pet on demand, monitor his activity and record adventures on a smart phone or computer via an app. Pod was created by Sebastian Langton after he went through the hearbreaking experience of losing his best friend, Rango. Langton was determined that no other pet guardian should ever have to go through the same pain. For more information about Pod, please visit

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed


The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is the cadillac of cat carriers. It’s so much more than just a carrier. It’s a luxury bed, lined with ultraplush foam. The domed cover unzips easily, so you can adapt it to your cat’s sleeping preference even while using it inside your home. Some cats may prefer the top removed, others may like the security of the cover. It’s also the safest cat carrier on the market. Velcro positioning points that secure a seat belt in place turn the Sleepypod into a safe car seat. The award winning Pet Passenger Restraint System (PPRS) is a safety system designed by Sleepypod to secure a pet in a vehicle and restrict harmful movement resulting from a sudden vehicle stop or frontal collision. Read our review here.

Felix Katnip Tree Company Scratching Beam


The Felix Katnip Tree Company has been handcrafting sisal scratching posts for over 70 years. The Scratching Beam is made in the USA from real wood, natural hemp sisal, certified organic catnip, and birch end pieces. The design is a fantastic choice for horizontal scratchers. In addition to being extremely well made and functional, this scratcher is also a beautiful piece that you won’t want to hide away in a corner. Read our review here.

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder


The Surefeed Microchip pet feeder can solve food problems in multi-pet homes. It uses RFID technology to read a cat’s veterinarian-inserted microchip and determine whether or not to let the cat inside. When the feeder is not in use, the food compartment is covered with a clear lid. As the cat approaches the feeder, it reads the cat’s chip and the lid retracts. For more information, visit

Vesper V-Lounge


This beautifully designed elevated bed is made out of shaped poplar wood with a walnut stain. The bed is topped with a memory foam cushion covered in super soft white faux fur. The cushion attaches to the base with velcro strips, making it easy to remove for cleaning or washing. At 25.2 x 19.7 inches; Height 6.5 inches, this gorgeous bed will accommodate even the largest cats. The V-Lounge is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Catit Oasis


The new Catit Oasis Kit is the ultimate kitty playground. This collection of products has something for every cat’s preference, ranging from products to enhance play, eating, drinking and relaxing. It includes the popular Catit Super Circuit Track, a fountain, grass planter, scratcher and more. Read our review here.

UJI Tunnel System


From the makers of the super popular Neko Flies cat toys comes the new U J I Tunnel System. With its three unique interlocking shapes, cat guardians can make over 20 different configurations to keep cats fully entertained and happy. The system can accommodate different size rooms and play areas. Read our review here.

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  1. Thank you Ingrid and Allegra and Ruby for choosing Pet Tree Houses as one of your favorite products for 2015!!! We would like to thank all the fans of Conscious Cat and Allegra and Ruby by offering 15% off any of our Trees!
    Enter code CC15 at checkout or call toll free 877-971-TREE (8733)

  2. Marvelous products, but reaaaallllly expensive. It’s one thing to come home with a $10 toy your cat doesn’t like and another to spend several hundreds.

  3. Awesome kitty products. I have only tried the Sleepypod and can really testify how good it is. my big guy Pono gets sick a lot and always has to go to the vet. I remove the top and leave the bed part on the exam table and he stays inside and seems less stressed. The vet has even gotten to where he examines him while in the bed to keep him calmer.

  4. I love those cat trees with the leaves, but I wonder how you keep them clean. Can you take the branches off and run water over them and put them back?

    • Hi, yes the leaves are removable. You can feather dust as Ingrid does and we do as well. If you do need to clean them more thoroughly, you can rinse them with warm soap and water and air dry.

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