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October 6, 2012 10 Comments

Mews and Nips: Record Breaking Cats

Posted by Ingrid


Today’s round up features two record breaking cats. According to the Daily Mail, a cat in England reached the amazing age of 39 years. Lucy was born in 1972 when Richard Nixon was president and a gallon of gas cost 36 cents. Lucy’s guardian inherited the senior lady when his wife’s godmother died in 1999. The veterinarian who examined the cat was amazed at the cat’s long life. Lucy is deaf, but otherwise in good shape. She still likes to partrol her garden every day. A spokesman for Guinness World Records said there was no entry for the world’s oldest cat. Read the full story on The Daily Mail.


Our second record breaker is a 5-year-old cat in Texas who weighs 41 pounds. Named Skinny by the Dallas, Tx area animal shelter who is caring for the cat, he was found as a stray in a yard. I’m not sure how I feel about the name. Obesity is no joke, with a staggering 53% of America’s cats being overweight or obese. Skinny is most likely diabetic, blood tests were pending as of this writing. It seems pretty obvious that someone had to have been feeding this cat, but officials have been unable to locate a guardian. Read the full story on The Huffington Post.

The cat in today’s video is giving Rocky Balboa a run for his money, and is proof that to a cat, anything can become a toy. Enjoy!

Photo sources: photo of Lucy from The Daily Mail, photo of Skinny from The Huffington Post



10 comments to “Mews and Nips: Record Breaking Cats”

  1. I’m skeptic that any cat can make it to 39. That would be like finding a human who is 200 years old. It’s much more likely that 20 years ago there was a “switch”. Gray tabbies are very common wand it’s not even like it’s the same owner who’s had her for those 39 years. Two cats reaching their twenties is actually impressive enough, but I believe that’s the more likely story.

  2. Lucy doesn’t look like she 39!

  3. Bobbi Hahn says:

    I enjoyed the story about Lucy, although I’m not sure I believe the age, but who knows?!?

    I didn’t like the story about Skinny; how can anyone allow a cat to become so overweight? I’m glad it’s at a shelter now and hopefully will soon find a forever home where it will be properly cared for.

    The boxing kitten video had us laughing out loud!

    Thanks for a great post, Ingrid; I hope you and the girls have a good weekend.

    • Ingrid says:

      I wish Skinny could talk, Bobbi. I’m sure there’s a story behind how a cat who was clearly being fed somewhere became a stray.

      You have a great weekend, too!

  4. Loved the video!! Thank you for today’s smile!!

  5. Esme (@cococroissants) says:

    Good for Lucy whatever age she is. She has a home. As for Skinny-hopefully some weight will be lost and a healthy life is in store. This week there was a sign for a lost cat in the neighborhood and then big flourescent green was put over the sign-cat found and reunited. That just put a smile on my face each day as I drove on.

  6. Fisher says:

    Great video. I suspect this cat is just warming up.

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